Animal Welfare

At Hy-Line North America we are committed to the respectful and humane treatment of the birds in our care. We expect employees and our network of parent stock farms to serve as advocates for animal welfare and because of that we have developed and implemented policies to cover all aspects of bird management.

Our flocks are constantly under the watchful eyes of veterinarians, nutritionists and flock supervisors. Our employees and cooperators are trained on proper bird handling methods, vaccinations and maintaining nutritionally balanced diets. All of this is done to give our birds healthy and safe living environments.  
Our parent stock farms are designed with the well-being of our birds in mind, which allows for a wide range of natural bird behaviors such as mating, nesting and perching.  The farms also provide maximum protection against disease and predatory animals.

We do this because we understand the important role that our breeding flocks play in feeding millions of people around the world.

Welfare Goals and Principles
To promote animal well-being and produce birds of the highest quality, we are committed to the following welfare goals and principles:
• Feed and Water
       Provide access to good quality water and nutritionally balanced diets at all times
• Health and Veterinary Care
       Provide science-based health programs and prompt veterinary care
• Environment
       Provide shelter that is designed, maintained and operated to meet the bird’s needs and to facilitate daily inspection
• Husbandry and Handling Practices
       Provide comprehensive care and handling procedures that ensure the bird’s well-being throughout its life
• Transportation
       Provide transportation that minimizes travel time and stress

Reporting Violations
If anyone witnesses willful neglect or abuse of our birds by employees or agents of Hy-Line N.A., you are urged to send a confidential email incident report to:  Please provide sufficient details, such as your name and telephone callback number, and specific incident particulars, so that we can act on these reports. If violations of our policies and procedures have occurred, we will take swift and appropriate actions, including filing of formal charges and dismissal of the perpetrators.  

 Audits and Updates
We complete annual third-party and internal audits of our welfare policies, practices, procedures and operational facilities. Our goal is to ensure that we maintain compliance with our own policies, and the latest developments in care and welfare practices when supported by research and practical experience.