Technical Services


The goal of the technical services department is to help Hy-Line North America customers across the U.S. and British Columbia achieve superior genetic potential. We accomplish this through farm visits, disease testing, routine serology, technical schools, regional and company-specific seminars, and printed and electronic technical materials.  The research and production departments work together to guarantee the newest information regarding standards, management and nutrition reach our customers.

It is our goal that if a customer has an issue, the Hy-Line North America team will be able to provide the best and most relevant advice. The veterinarians who make up the core of the technical services department are aided by both internal and external specialists in flock management, avian medicine, microbiology, nutrition and hatchery management to ensure that all customer needs are met.  

Our state-of-the-art technical service laboratory allows us to test for all diseases that we have eradicated in our breeding program and to evaluate the success of vaccination programs through the most up-to-date diagnostic testing. We monitor our flocks intensively to guarantee the health conditions of our birds.  

For technical questions regarding the management, health, and nutrition of Hy-Line and Lohmann genetics, please contact Hy-Line North America Technical Services.